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The Digitech® Professional computer caliper is a well known and proven reliable field instrument for forestry and industrial applications. Available in many models and sizes and with a large variety of software solutions for all types of jobs. Product end-of life: March 2015, see the DP II caliper for your most updated computer caliper solution!


The Digitech Professional

The Digitech Professional is designed to be your complete "tool kit" for forest and timber measuring work. This caliper model offers great computing power, reliable & safe data recording, easy learning and use and numerous software solutions in multiple languages and for different types of fieldwork. The Digitech Professional has been tested, approved, certified and selected in various state forests and national inventories.


Field-ready with unique accessories and add-ons

Some features and keywords for the Digitech Professional Computer Caliper:

 — Programmable — Numerous software applications — Toggle between different applications —

— Bluetooth® — Computing in the field — Foldable jaws —

Detachable computer terminal — Multilanguage operating system —

Non-contact measuring system — Rechargable battery for recharge in car, truck, harvester, the office —  

— Low battery consumption — Heavy-duty and rugged


The Digitech Professional meets all specifications for dust, shock, vibration, temperature, pressure, radiation, salt, fog, humidity and blowing rain.

Tested. Certified. Approved.


Ready to use software applications or custom programming? Let us know how you work today - and how you wish to work tomorrow. Together we will come up with a solution that fits you and your organization!


Need to start immediately with your new efficient work mode?

Haglöf Sweden has developed field software applications for 25 years. We have broad experience and knowledge - and a great library filled with functional, field-ready professional software solutions to modify and take advantage from. This saves time and money and can get you up and running with your new system very soon.


Computing features

Navigera 550x840

The Digitech Professional offers great data processing and calculations ​​in the field. You can for example add timber pricelists, calculate volume, and get the total value of a timberstand. You can connect a Bluetooth' GPS and save positions, navigate, and calculate areas.

Useful accessories



DP DME - distance measurer

DPDME 320x230

The DP DME is an accessory for distance measuring, based on the well known proven reliable ultrasonic method from Haglöf Sweden. Use together with the Digitech Professional or DP II computer calipers and software. Excellent for plot sample surveys.


Radio Enter Button

RadioEnterKey 320x230

Register values ​​with the index finger on the movable jaw. Less tiring and more comfortable work.



Digitech Tape

DigitecTape 320x230

The Digitech Tape electronic measuring tape for automatic input of log lengths.


Angle adapter

Vinkel 320x230

Angle adapter for computer terminal, suitable for industrial applications.


Digitech® Keyboard

KeyBord 320x230

The leyboard is a quicker way to enter many different alpha-numeric variables.

Gator Eyes

Gator 320x230

With the Gator Eyes laser pointers diameters can be measured and recorded at a distance.


Belt clip holder

BeltHolde 320x230

Holder for belt for easy carrying of calipers up to approx. 65cm/24".

Bluetooth® printers

Printer 320x230

We can offer complete solutions including Bluetooth field printers and GPS devices.


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