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Use the Digitech® Tape for improved results accuracy in log scaling.



The Digitech Tape

The Haglöf Sweden Digitech Tape is an electronic digital measuring accessory for the DP II Computer Caliper and Digitech Professional. Log lengths are measured and instantly recorded in the computer, enabling the operator to work efficiently and with less potential error sources.


Log Scaling

DPIIDTT550x840 DPIIDTT1550x840

The Digitech Tape is especially useful in log scaling and for Harvester Calibration applications. The tape works with the computer caliper and uses its battery for power and display for result featuring.


Harvester calibration


The Skalman® calibration system by Haglöf Sweden is market leading and well known for versatility and user friendly work mode. The Skalman system introduces a flexible measuring method called flex measuring. Flex measuring allows the operator to measure and record diameters from any suitable spot on the stem. The operator can avoid knot clusters and damages, and measure any number of times per stem as considered necessary, to record the true and appropriate data for the stem.


Log Scaling


The Digitech Tape is suitable for log scaling applications, where the log length is measured and recorded in the computer caliper, and tied to other data on the individual log with species, diameter, quality and more.


Diameter tape


The Digitech Tape can be operated as a diameter tape together with the Digitech Professional or DP II computer terminal and corresponding software.


pdf Digitech Tape Product sheet (691 KB)

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