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Enter results to your DP II computer with the Radio Enter button installed on the SmartScale.


The DP Radio Enter Button

The Radio Enter button can be factory installed on the DP II Computer Caliper or Digitech Professional. When installed on the DP II caliper SmartScale, diameter measuring can be made with a stand-alone SmartScale. Diameter results are registered and sent with the Radio Enter button to the DP II computer terminal placed your your wrist or in your pocket. 

If working with the Digitech Professional caliper model and Radio Enter Button, you can increase comfort and use both hands to register measuring results.


Thick branches, narrow space

RadioEnterButtonDPII550x840 RadioEnterButtonDP550x840

When working with the DP II with SmartScale REb in narrow spaces such as log piles, the DP Radio Enter Button enables you to work with the DP II terminal remotely positioned from the SmartScale. You can keep the computer terminal in your pocket or place it on your wrist and execute and register diameter with the SmartScale REb. Your measuring results are transferred and stored in the DP II terminal. The Enter Button is factory assembled on the moveable handle side of your caliper.

pdf DP Accessories Product sheet (1.47 MB)

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