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The Digitech BT Caliper

The Digitech BT is a powerful electronic caliper, developed to communicate on-line with mobile devices and existing field data collection systems.
The low weight and ergonomic design will give you the same feeling as when working with a manual caliper!

Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE)
Connection with devises using Android, iOS or Windows


Digitech BT Advantages

• Patented foldable jaws and proven reliable measuring system
• Long lasting rechargeable battery
• Rugged, IP 67
• Short start-up time and a user-friendly interface
• Timber Cruising and Log scaling
• Smart, built-in features such as cross-measuring
and virtual extending the scale by 50cm or 18”.
• Store locally up to 50.000 data sets
• Android, iOS, and Windows ready
• Work with the free app Haglof Link


Use the Digitech BT caliper with the app Haglof Link. Share data with your office straight from the field!




Digitech BT Caliper Product Sheet

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