Height, Distance & Inclination
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Use the EC II to get fast and accurate results on inclination and heights.



Haglöf EC II Electronic clinometer to measure heights and inclination

• Well-known product quality with appreciated accuracy results •

• Three-button operation design •

 • Low battery consumption and internal display •

• Instant result of inclination and height •

• No more calculation errors or misreading of scales •



  • Set the current distance to the tree or other object. Measure the distance with a tape or a thread meter.
  • Aim at root/ground level and press the button. The angle is measured and featured.
  • Aim at the top (or other height) and press the button. The angle is measured.
  • The height (based on the input distance and the two measured angles) are presented in the display. 




  • Aim at the object and press the button.
  • The result is presented to you in the display.


pdf (1.47 MB) pdf Electronic Clinometers Product sheet (1.28 MB)

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