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Use the Postex® Laser system to determine coordinates and to position individual trees.


Postex Laser

The Postex instrument solution is a versatile system for individual positioning in coordinate systems on sample plots. The Postex system is often used in combination with Haglöf Sweden computer caliper models DP II or Digitech Professional and software application Postax. Data can be exported as a CSV file, which can be easily consumed for visualization and analysis in, for example, ArcGIS Online. With the Postex Laser, you can gather more field data in less time, and using reliable technology. The Postex instrument solution has been developed in collaboration with leading scientists.

   The Postex Laser instrument system allows you to
Select height measuring method depending on terrain and situation. 
Work with high precision laser with filter function as well as proven reliable ultrasound technology. 

The Postex Laser instrument is rugged and has an easy-to-use interface. Results can be transferred with Bluetooth or IR to your computer caliper or handheld.  
For optimal efficiency, use the Postex Laser instrument in a complete system solution including the DP II computer caliper and software application.

Also available: The DP Postex® module, for operators that prefer to have a separate height measuring instrument such as the L5 Laser, or for those who do not need to measure heights, for example to position ancient remains in the field. The DP Postex module is used as an add-on to the DP caliper and integrates directly with the caliper and software.

Set X and Y coordinates on individual trees
Measure long and short distances with speed and accuracy
Select between different height measurement methods
Use in an entire Postex system with computer caliper and custom software for efficiency and seamless work
Bluetooth® and IR communication 


Single tree position, X and Y coordinate positions and plot radius

Perform a sample plot inventory to get X and Y coordinate positions of individual trees.


Put the plots and positions of single trees on the map

Use the DP II or Digitech Professional caliper and the software Postax DP together with the Postex Laser.

Measure and store tree species, diameter and height along with the coordinates for the individual tree and plot.


ArcGIS online

Import and view in ArcGIS 

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pdf Postex Product sheet (2.17 MB)



The Postex Laser includes both ultrasound and laser technology, allowing you to measure in all types of terrain and conditions. 






The Postex includes high precision laser technology, ideal for speedy results and to measure distances up to 700 meters. Image shows the instrument mounted on monopod (accessory). Distance Measuring



For shorter range and in particular for circular plot inventory and also for working in dense forest, use the proven and reliable Vertex ultrasound method. The ultrasound method is fundamental for positioning individual trees with Postex Laser. Sample Plots with Ultrasound 







The Postex offers different options to measure heights. Choose when you are at the site depending on surroundings and needs. Tree Heights


The Postex Laser instrument presents angles in degrees, grads and percentage. The camera-type monopod with foot-bracket is an accessory that can be used with the Postex, the VL5 and the L5 when a steadier aim is required. Angle and Inclination

 Height measurement methods


1-point height

3-point height


2-point height with ultrasound



Filter function

The Postex Laser instrument includes a laser filter that allows for flexible measuring. Select to measure the closest object, the farthest object or the object that emits the strongest reflection. 


System with proven reliable components

The Postex Laser instrument is based on proven functional instrument models Vertex IV and VL5 Vertex Laser from Haglöf Sweden. The custom T3 transponders are special programmed from the well-known ultrasound system configurations for Vertex IV and VL5.



Built-in IR and Bluetooth® technology allow for transfer of measured values to the DP II or Digitech Professional or other handheld units with dataformat NMEA or ASCII.


Custom program for caliper

Perform your most efficient work with the Postex Laser in a system incorporating a Haglöf Sweden computer caliper and custom software. The Postex solution is available in different system settings and configurations.


Different system configurations for different needs

The Postex is available in different systems for different measuring needs. Ready-made software such as the Postax DP for Haglöf Sweden computer calipers allows for data capture and processing in a seamless flow for enhanced efficiency. Contact us for custom software and configurations of your Postex system.


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