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The Haglof Management System (HMS) with the Timber Cruise Suite (TCruise) is the most robust, comprehensive forest analysis system available. Use it to collect inventory data to your own exact specifications. Calculate volumes with powerful profile equations or a wide range of traditional volume equations or tables. Perform detailed statistical and financial analyses. Produce professional looking reports customized with your company logo and contact information. Manage all of your spatial data in a convenient desktop geographic information system. Store and manage all of your forest information in one powerful SQL database.



This full featured timber cruise software can process 100% tally, point, plot, double point, or stump cruises. In addition, the program provides growth projection, reproduction plot summaries, and site index evaluation for selected key species. Because the program utilizes profile functions to obtain volumes maximum flexibility it is afforded to the user in specifying merchandising standards and in recording merchantable heights, even after the cruise is performed!

The Microsoft Windows interface makes the creation of cruise templates a breeze. Once these templates are created they provide the initial set-up for differing cruising conditions, timber types, and size classes. Changes in the cruise template are only needed if timber prices or merchandising specifications change.


HMS leverages an SQL database that allows for complete inventories to be stored for easy access without having to process the cruise in TCruise each time you need data. Powerful cruise reports can be generated and customized with your company information and logo. HMS also builds a bridge from TCruise to other applications that can utilize forest inventory data, such as GIS systems and log scaling solutions.

In addition to being able to run a field version of TCruise on the DP II or Digitech Professional, you have the option of running the application on other handheld computers. TCruise Handheld is the supplementary compact field version of TCruise designed to run on a Windows Mobile device. Upload cruise templates that you create on your desktop computer that include all of your species, grades, strata, product merchandizing and cruise specifications. Enter data using an "electronic tally card" that resembles the pencil and paper dot-tally system you are accustomed to.

Create your plot layout from a tract boundary in the Timber Cruise Suite map module. Export the plots as waypoints and upload them into your handheld computer and use them for navigation in the field. Each plot will be tagged with its' geographic coordinates allowing powerful spatial analysis of plot data.

TProfile acts as a compliment to TCruise allowing the user to create their own custom profile equations for calculating volumes. Using the DP II or Digitech Professional caliper, it fits tree stem profile (taper) functions to stem analysis data. The profiles can then be imported into TCruise and used for volume calculations.

Please note that you must have the desktop companion software Haglof Management Systems (HMS) with the Timber Cruise Suite to create your cruise templates, process your inventory data and generate your reports.



  • Create a single feature with non-contiguous parts and internal voids.
  • Global settings are together in one dialogue.
  • The order in which layers are arranged in the map table of contents carries through to the map legend and other areas where the layers are listed, such as the "snap to" drop down list.
  • Center the map display on a defined point by entering the coordinate pair.
  • Set different units for length and area measurements.Option of changing the measurement unit used for plot generation.
  • Plots can now be selected for inclusion in a routing algorithm using an irregular polygon selection tool.
  • You now have two options for creating navigational routes. You can choose either Sequential Navigation, or Shortest Possible Route. The Shortest Possible Route algorithm assumes you want to end close to your beginning and works particularly well for randomly generated plots.
  • The length of a route is previewed when creating a new route.
  • Routes can now be exported in more file formats including Haglof Plot Files for navigational support on the Digitech Professional Caliper as well as TCNavigator and Solo Waypoint files for use on handheld computers. Plot files, as well as any map features, can also be exported as shapefiles.



  • Licensed using a USB key, which allows smaller, single-use customers to install and run the software on multiple computers.
  • HMS will allow installation on servers with concurrent users accessing one, company-wide database.


  • Specify an alpha/numeric species code up to 5 characters in length.
  • Auto-assign products based on DBH classes, eliminating the need for specifying product.
  • Perform any plot, point, double -point (VBAR), 100%, strip, or stump cruising method.
  • Turn any data fields on or off.
  • Automatically perform height subsampling.
  • Use built-in profile functions for over 100 species or user-defined equations.
  • Define variables for DBH-Merchantable height equations, DBH growth equations, Form Class equations, or stump diameter to DBH equations.
  • Specify stand, tract or any strata and a unique plot ID for each plot.
  • One click exports all data to Haglof Management Systems SQL database.
  • Template based cruise setup facility.


  • Import Access databases to SQL
  • Export the reports to pdf, Rtf or Excel files.
  • Send the report direct with email in pdf file.
  • Import special designed reports.


  • Conduct multi-product grading of individual trees.
  • Collect age and growth information for site index and growth calculations.
  • Automatically do in-field error checking Accept Lat/Lon and plot ID for each plot.
  • Conduct audit or re-measurement cruises.
  • Calculate tree or log average cruises.
  • Collects data in the field with Windows CE®, Pocket PC, Digitech Professional or with tally cards.
  • Timber trespass cruises un-stratified, or stratified.
  • Forward, and backward stand table projection.
  • Separate reproduction, sub-merchantable, pulpwood, and sawtimber plot/BAF factors.
  • Pre-, and post-stratification.
  • Custom dll procedures to permit the importation of user defined volume/weight equations, volume/weight tables, and profile functions.
  • Comprehensive data error checker.
  • Cruises can be split by strata, plot identifiers, measurer, measurement time, and user definable tree categories such as cut, or leave.
  • Tree log grading, and merchandizing processing and reporting.
  • Profile function, and weight factor dll facility for the implementation of proprietary equations Administrator username/password protection of codes and parameters to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Familiar “paper tally input” by dbh, and numbers of logs, and half logs. An on screen dot-dash tally.
  • Built-in tree profile/taper functions for many species.
  • Supports the Mesavage form class tables, Behre’s hyperbola, and Tariff tables.
  • Custom data fields at the tract, plots, and tree levels through a custom design wizard.
  • Volume table, and volume equation editor.
  • Exports reports to text files for easy importation to Word, or Word Perfect documents.
  • Program can be easily customized with add-on dlls or automation components.
  • Supports user definable profile functions through TProfile.
  • Timed, and auto backup of data.
  • Ability to automatically launch tool programs, and programs to post process the cruise results placed in files, or databases by TCruise custom dlls.
  • Have all tracts stored in one database. Sort and keep track of all the cruised tracts in one system. Run TCruise, re-calculate and update the data in the database as many times you need.


  • TCruise Audit Reports – Compare original cruise data with audited data
  • Customized reports are available to suit your exact reporting needs. Since HMS utilizes Crystal Reports, you can design your own reports
  • Generate custom reports and a variety of industry-standard reports.
  • Add your company logo to reports.
  • Generate value reports and statistics based on user-defined prices.
  • Send the report direct with email in pdf file.
  • Export the reports to pdf, Rtf or Excel files.
  • Detailed volume reports by product, grade, and dbh class.
  • Reports for any combination of species, or species group.
  • Complete statistical reliability reports.
  • Ability to select the volume units to report. TCruise reports volumes. in cubic feet (ib, and ob), cunits, tons, weight cords, and Doyle, Scribner, and International boardfeet.


  • Basal Area Plot Report By Class and Group
  • 16 Ft. Log Merchantable Height Stand Table
  • Detailed Summary Report
  • Grade By Class and Group Report
  • Grade By Class, Group and Product Report
  • Non Stratified Statistics
  • Non Stratified Value
  • Non Stratified Value Statistics
  • Combination Strata Summary Report By Class, Group and Product
  • Stratified Statistics Report
  • Stratified Summary Report By Class, Group and Product
  • Stratified Value Report
  • Stratified Value Statistics Report
  • Summary Report By Class, Group and Product
  • Summary Report By Class, Group, Product and DBH
  • Summary Report By Class and Product



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