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Accurate and efficient log management system

The Log Scale Suite for HMS Haglof Management System is a versatile and comprehensive log scaling and log inventory management system.

Use the Log Scale suite to create and manage contracts, price lists, tickets and loads. Scale logs and manage log inventories. Calculate volumes using a wide range of volume equations and tables including Doyle, Scribner, International, the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and Custom volume tables commonly used in the export industry.


Log Scale Suite

  • Create and work with various pricelists
  • Work with various contracts
  • Tickets
  • Import data file from LogScale DP
  • Calculated in accordance with contract
  • Stored in database with inventory status ‘In Stock’.
  • Export tickets as Excel-files
  • Export contract settings as templates
  • Create sales or deplete inventories
  • Generate reports
  • Change settings


Several different volume functions

  • International ¼

  • International 1/8

  • Doyle

  • Bruce/Shumacher

  • Scribner West-Side

  • Huber

  • GB scale (Guo Biao)

  • Cubic feet inside bark

  • Cubic feet on bark

  • Japanese Agricultural (JAS)

Create custom volume table



2 5 8
10 0,122 0,158 0,210
12 0,148 0,169 0,251
14 0,161 acquistare levitra generico 0,184 0,288


Work with and manage several price lists

Create any number of price lists

Select your tree Species

Select your Grades

Set price and volume calculation functions for each grade


Work with and manage several contracts


Create any number of Contracts, Based on measurement mode, Buyer, Supplier … and price list

All imported log data calculated according to contract settings

Use contracts as templates in the DP II caliper

Identical settings in caliper and PC.


Work with and manage several tickets

Create any number of Tickets
All log data imported to a Ticket calculated according to Contract settings
HMS can create a summary report for logs sold from inventory.


Scanning inventory and create a Sales Ticket

Use or deplete log inventories

Import data from computer caliper application LogScale DP

The system changes status of inventoried logs from ‘In Stock’ to either ‘Sold’, ‘Scrap’ or ‘Locked’.


Tools and software for Scaling 

DP II Computer Caliper caliper running the application LogScale DP and module DP SCANNER Barcode scanner.

LogScale DP

Input data

Log ID/Log tag - Automatic or barcode scanning
Small end scaling diameter
Large end scaling diameter
Log length
Reduction: percentage or absolute
User supplied volume
Notes field
Small end scaling diameter after reduction for defects
Length after reduction for defects
Reason for downgrade
User supplied value
Large end scaling diameter after reduction

Use any measurement rules

Large end diameter and log length

Small end diameter and log length

Mid diameter and log length

Cross measurement

Diameter after reduction

JAS rule


Download Log Scale Suite for Haglof Management Systems

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