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The VL5 is our most complete height measuring solution with ultrasound and laser.

Our unique ultrasound and laser instrument combo allows for the most efficient measurement work in forest and field. Heights, distances and inclinations are measured with accuracy and speed in all types of terrain and surroundings.

In dense forests and for work in circular sample plots, ultrasound is simply the unbeatable choice of technology! For longer distances, in open terrain, to measure hazard trees and border trees, to measure without transponder - use the VL5 high precision laser function. Memory and data processing enable you to get immediate results on mean height in a measured stand and more. The VL5 instrument has built-in Bluetooth® and IR, rechargeable long-lasting battery, it is very rugged and built tough with high quality optics and high visibility red cross aim. Unbeatable! 

VL5 Vertex Laser

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