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The secure memory in the MD II Caliper has room for thousands of captured tree diameters and heights.

In the upgraded version you can name up to 100 individual tree species in a simple text file on your PC or straight in the MD II caliper.

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Use up to seven Roman letters to name each of your species. When in the forest, select your species for the particular tree and measure and register its diameter with the MD II caliper acheter cialis generique 20mg. Complete your data input with a height measurement result from the Vertex IV or VL5 instrument, that you transfer to the MD II memory with IR. The new MD II version also offers an icon-based menu: easy to learn, easy to work with!

Use the DP Scanner to scan barcodes with the DP II or Digitech Professional computer caliper. Together with an adapted software application, the DP Scanner becomes fully integrated with your caliper. Read More DP SCANNER.  

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March, 2015: Constant development lead to new innovations! Haglöf Sweden are proud to present the MD II caliper, made for efficient diameter collection and data communication.

New caliper model from Haglöf Sweden: the MD II Bluetooth® Caliper

March, 2015: Haglöf Sweden releases the new MD II caliper - designed for seamless communication with Bluetooth and communicating with your SmartPhone or tablet!


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