MD II+ 4.0

The MD II+ caliper is a rugged Bluetooth caliper designed for diameter measuring work used for Inventory of standing timber or log Scaling.


During inventory, tree species, diameter and height can be recorded and when Log scaling additional parameters such as quality, identity and whether the measurement takes place on or under bark can be specified

MD II has become MD II+

Almost three times faster with a 120 MHz floating-point processor, 8 GB flash memory and a better display with backlight.


  • Store more than 100 000 measured values locally
  • USB connection for charging and transferring files
  • Wireless transmission of up to 50 Meters or longer with Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0
  • Send data online while measuring
  • Transfer files wirelessly after your work is completed
  • Easy to use icon-based interface

Ready to cooncet to iOS & Android.

The app Haglof Link are available to download at Google Play or App Store!


Log Scaling

With Log scaling you can choose which variables to register per log.
You can choose to register the tree type, length, quality, and ID number per log. You can also specify whether it is on or under bark.
Create quality parameters and species list with up to 100 different species. This text file is loaded easily to the caliper via USB or edited directly in the MD II.

Timber Cruising

During inventory of standing timber: tree species, diameter and height are recorded. Create a species list and easily transfer via USB to the caliper. Up to 100 species names can be used simultaneously with the MD II

Easy operation

The interface of the MD II+ is simple and easy to operate with illustrative icons.

With MD II+ you perform Timber cruising or Logs scaling.

Store data locally or send wirelessly via Bluetooth®!

Local storage

Data can be stored locally in an (XML) file. By connecting MD II+ with USB to your computer, you can download or open the file in Excel or other software.

The file can be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to other devices. For mobile Android or IOS devices, use Haglof Link.


USB connection is used to transfer files and charge the device. When connected, MD II+ appears in your computer as an external drive.

Wireless Transmission (Online)

With MDII in Online mode, data is sent wirelessly to IOS or Android devices. MD II+ continuously sends all data that is recorded, and nothing is stored locally in the caliper.

The transfer uses Bluetooth (BLE) but requires a custom software or application that can handle the data being sent. Haglöf
Application (MDII Com) is an example of software that handles this online transfer.

Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0

With Bluetooth® 4.0 We also support wireless transmission to both IOS, such as iPhones, iPads or Android
devices. It is possible to send data wirelessly up to 100 meters in favorable conditions.


MD II+ has patented foldable jaws for easy carry and takes less space during storage and transpor

Haglof Link

Short start-up time and a user-friendly interface

The App Haglöf Link can receive data wirelessly when working in Line Mode or a complete inventory file if the measurements have been stored Local in the MD II. Haglof Link is a free App available on both Google Play and App store.

Use MD II in LINE mode and collect data wirelessly as you measure.

  1. Choose Tree inventory or Log Scaling.
  2. Create a new inventory list or select an exciting list.
  3. Connect the Digitech BT and start measuring

Tree Inventory

In LINE mode MD II transmit Species, Diameters and Heights to Haglof Link.

Log Scaling

In LINE mode MD II transmit Species and Diameter to Haglof Link. Length, ID, and Quality can be added in Haglof Link.


Use MD II in LOCAL mode. Data is stored locally in the Caliper as a XML file. Once your work is done, send the XML file to Haglof Link Files.

Files sent to Haglof Link will be stored in Haglof Link file explorer and can be shared via email, Drop- box, iCloud, Google Drive etc. The XML files can be opened directly from your mobile device if you have an app that supports the file format e.g. Excel.


Haglof Link handles files from Digitech BT, MD II, DP II, Vertex Laser Geo and Laser Geo that have Bluetooth 4.0.

The app Haglof Link are available to download at Google Play or App Store!

Memory capacity: >100 000 registers
Processor:  Low Power Arm Cortex Cpu 120MHz inc. floating point unit.
Temperature:  Min -20° Max 60°C / Min -4° Max 140° F.
Battery:  Rechargeable Li-ion (1ea terminal +1 ea SmartScale,USB-interface charge.Estimated operating time: One week/charge.
  • 6 Keys.
  • 2 Execution/Enter; One on keyboard and one on Smart Scale handle for index finger
  • 4 Navigation keys on the keyboard; Up,
  • Down, Left and Right, double key quick commands: Display light, Sleep mode, Escape/Return and IR input.
Measuring system: Non-contact. Accuracy: +-1mm or 0.039 inch
Measuring range: From 500mm/18” to 1000mm/36” (standard).
Weight: Caliper and terminal: <1kg/2.20 lbs (500mm/18” standard).
MD II Terminal only:  150g/6oz.
Display:  Graphic, 128 x 64 pixles backlit, graphic interface.
  • USB 2.0 MSD;
  • Bluetooth® v4.2 dual mode (SPP, HID KEYBOARD, BLE)
  • IR receiver
Bluetooth® v4.2 dual mode (SPP, HID KEYBOARD, BLE)
Signal:  Built-in loudspeaker.
Classification:  IP67 Moist/dust resistant, CE, FCC, IC


Mantax Digitech II+ 320 mm

All package includes:

  • 1 Mantax Digitech II+
  • 1 Aluminum case
  • 2 USB cables
  • 2 USB Adapters
  • 1 USB Charger for Car
  • 2 USB cables
  • 1 Power Charger
Mantax Digitech II+ 500 mm
Mantax Digitech II+ 600 mm
Mantax Digitech II+ 650 mm
Mantax Digitech II+ 800 mm
Mantax Digitech II+ 950 mm
Mantax Digitech II+ 1000 mm
Mantax Digitech II+ 18 tum
Mantax Digitech II+ 24 tum
Mantax Digitech II+ 30 tum
Mantax Digitech II+ 36 tum
Mantax Digitech II+ 40 tum