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Timber Cruising - Forest inventory

Timber Cruising – Forest inventory With Computer caliper DP II and height measure Vertex Laser Geo. Measurement of stand boundary, GPS position of sample plots, Diameter and high measurement, Calculation directly in field, Transfer to mobile phone and more…

DP II and Digitech Tape - Harvester Control Measuring

How to perform controls the harvester’s measuring system and maintains the equipment. This film describes how to use the Computer caliper Digitech Professional II (DP II) together with the digital tape Digitech Tape and preform the free scaling method.


MAP TARGET function on Laser Geo and Vertex Laser Geo

Method Instruction How to Measure Irregular wood chip piles or gravel piles with the application MAP TARGET function using Vertex Laser Geo or Laser Geo – Range finder, with built-In GPS and Compass.

Vertex Laser Geo & Laser Geo

All you need in a Rangefinder! Foresters, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, constructors.. We present new instrument models with extreme functionality – programmable and including GPS and compass. Measure, map, process, store with the

Rangefinder – Hypsometer – Bluetooth – Compass – GPS –  SSD disk!





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