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Welcome to Haglöf Sweden

We develop and produce high quality products to improve the accuracy and efficiency of field work


Survey and sampling instrument, Increment borers with accessories, increment hammer, tree core reader, soil sampler, bark gauge, and more for your field survey.


Digital and computerized diameter calipers, Manual diameter calipers and accessories. For all types of field surveys, cruising, inventories and log scaling in forest and on industries.

Rangefinders - Hypsometers

Laser Rangefinder, Ultrasonic Rangefinder,  Hypsometers and Clinometer in different models to measure height, distance, and inclination in forest and field.


The products are used for many different purposes, especially in forestry. But there are also many other areas outside the forest industry where the products are the solution.

Haglof Tube

Watch various video presentation about products, live events and instructional videos and more.

Haglof Application Cloud

Also visit our new site Haglof Application Cloud.  We provide firmware downloads for our products, Windows applications, mobile apps and our Cloud Services such as Pits & Piles 3D and Digitech Cloud which will be released soon.



Save the Children

This Christmas, Haglöf Sweden is proud to contribute to Save the Children Sweden and their efforts to help children living in areas of conflict.

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Austrofoma 2023

The trade fair for the forest Very excited for the upcoming austrofoma exhibition in Austria. The largest forestry trade fair in Austria. Come visit...

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