Digitech® Keyboard

Use the Digitech Keyboard for easier input in your computer caliper.

The Digitech® Keyboard 

The Digitech® Keyboard is suitable for operators that collect extensive field data in permanent sample plots and for those who work with timber measurement and need to include many different variables. With the Digitech Keyboard, thousands of alpha-numeric combinations can be used to register extensive field data, and it allows you to connect your information in a smooth and comfortable way

DP II or Digitech Professional caliper

The Digitech Keyboard is installed on the DP II or Digitech Professional caliper comport. The keyboard can be used with or without the measuring scale, and it uses the computer battery and display for operation and result feature

Computer caliper software

This keyboard has been developed from operators’ specifications and in cooperation with professional user groups. the Digitech Keyboard is rugged and durable and adapted for outdoor conditions

Size 100x50x37mm/4.3×2.0x1.5”
Weight 55g/2oz.
Keyboard 10-key membran switch
Material Reinforced polycarbonate glass fiber
Temperature Min -30° Max 70°C / Min -22° Max160°F
Digits 0 – 9
Alpha numeric Capital A-Z and Û, Å,Ä,Ö.
Multitap mode Automatic multitap
Power Supply Low current 3V/2mW External feed
Auto detect DP II and Digitech Professional Bios V1.35 and later