Ultrasound technology – an unbeatable method for radius measurement jobs!

Ultrasound technology – an unbeatable method for radius measurement jobs!

When working with radius measurements in sample plots, nothing beats our ultrasound technique found in the DME , the Vertex, Vertex Laser and the for the computer calipers DP DME and DP GPS DME! With the incorporated BAF function – Basal Area Factors – you can be at the tree and determine its minimum diameter to be included in the plot. The BAF function allows you to conduct accurate point samples on tracks with thick underbrush, where traditional prisms may fail.

Our ultrasound technology equipped instruments are especially appreciated and used in many permanent sample plot projects, such as national inventories, all over the world. Haglöf Sweden can offer several different solutions for permanent plot research work.

The Postex instrument system is an advanced system available in different instrument configurations. When used together with a computer caliper and corresponding software, for example the custom Postax application, a large amount of field data can be collected and stored on the plot, in one device.