By studying an extracted wood core, you get access to hidden information on the tree, such as its overall condition, diseases and damages, growth and age. Foresters use tree ring counts to determine the age of a stand of trees, how fast these trees are growing and to calculate the site index.

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To get the most accurate age of any tree, the rings should be counted near the ground level or base of the tree. Management decisions can be made on how to improve forest health, to predict growth, determine soil fertility and suitability and to develop cutting cycles.

With high quality optics and rugged construction, the Haglöf Sweden Tree Ring Measurer will be a valuable field instrument that can improve reading of wood cores and the accuracy of your results. The Tree Core Reader allows examination of wood cores up to 12cm/5″ with core diameters up to 5.15mm/0.200″. High quality optics with 6X magnifying glass makes it easier to accurately study, read and exmine the wood core. The instrument is steady and built robust enough for you to bring with you to the forest.

The tree core reader can be used directly upon extraction of a wood core and the wood core can be replaced in the tree after examination. This procedure will minimize the risk of introducing decay into the tree. Also, it is recommended to perform maximum one bore every six years in tree individuals.