Tree Core Reader

The Tree Core Reader is used for close and direct optical analysis of your wood core samples.


The Haglöf Tree Core Reader is a field instrument that has been developed in cooperation with a leading European forest research institute.

The Tree Core Reader serves to perform field analysis work of tree core samples. By examining the core in this high quality optic lens, the user can determine the age and conditions of the tree, its growth and increment, all based on the extracted wood core sample examinations. The Tree Core Reader is field adapted, has high quality optics and is suitable for standard size cores up to 5.15mm diameter and 120mm/5″ long. Sampling and Reading Wood Cores

Haglof Sweden has manufactured increment borers for many decades. The tree core is examined for different reasons: check for pollution in air and water, age and growth control, decay and more. With the new Tree Core Reader, the tree core is easier to examine, also when in the field.