How to get good and accurate measurements of tree heights in all types of forests is one of our main concerns at Haglöf Sweden.


Also very small errors on heights can have great significance in the price and the total value of a tree. Another reason for wanting to know tree heights is the safety distance to power lines and roads – is the tree tall enough to fall over in case of a storm? Is there a real hazard with this particular tree already – or when will we have to take action?

The tree height is defined as the vertical distance between the base of the tree and the tip of the highest branch on the tree. The tree trunk length is not the same as the tree height. The base of the tree is where the center of the tree intersects the existing surface (the ground where the tree is growing). On a slope this base point is considered as halfway between the ground level at the upper and lower sides of the tree. 

The Vertex instrument is a standard-setting instrument and well-known by forestry pro’s everywhere. Haglöf Sweden has produced the Vertex instrument with proven reliable ultrasound technique for decades. The Vertex IV model includes Bluetooth and IR transmitter, audible beep signal and built-in BAF functions for point sampling. The Vertex instrument system is our best-selling height measuring solution world-wide, appreciated for its reliable results in most surroundings, great durability and simplicity. 

The Veretex Laser instruments includes all features from the Vertex instrument plus a highly potent extended range laser sensor with extreme precision and functionality.

Haglöf Sweden also manufactures a family of small and useful electronic clinometers that present angles and height with great accuracy.

Instruments for measuring heights