What is a good control system? This question can have different answers, depending on who you ask it to. In our minds, the ideal control system adds value to all links in the value chain – just as our world-leading harvester calibration system Skalman® does! A harvester machine handles enormous values, and the forestland needs to be protected and respected. With the DP II caliper, the Digitech tape and the ‘flex scaling method’, log measuring can be made a little easier – and with a lot more accurate results.

The DP II computer caliper is a reliable and rugged work tool, built and equipped to sustain tough forest sites. It is easy to operate, has secure data storage, it is rugged with great battery capacity, and the software structures are easy-to-follow and to recognize. The caliper is a calibration tool that has to increase accuracy in the forest, without adding work burdens or consuming too much time for the operator.

To have properly calibrated measuring equipment is to have better bucking economy.

  • Calibration minimizes over-target losses. Every inch exceeding the over-target is 0.20 to 0.25% loss of timber value.
  • Tighter over-target limits reduce oversized, non-profitable volumes.
  • Safer bucking minimum diameters can imply income differences at 50$ per m3.
  • Bucking at right length and diameter class according to current price list or preferred log dimensions usually means great value differences in high quality timber and/or special range.
  • Calibration lowers machine fuel costs. The harvester runs smoother without interruption.
  • The machinery unit will not have to search for cutting length on the trunk when properly calibrated.
  • Proper and regular calibration renders better economy
  • Lower fuel usage and efficient raw material usage are important parts of sustainable forest management and environmental concern
  • Increased operator safety and comfort with machinery that runs smooth
  • Proactive maintenance, support and service cutting costs circumvents possible future losses

Skalman® is a market leading system used to calibrate harvester bucking (merchandise) computers. Together with Haglöf Sweden’s slim, lightweight computer caliper the DP II, calibration routines and processes will be even more efficient. With all data registered and secured in the value chain, the entire process from standing tree to logyard and ready made board is optimizied.

The DP II, the Digitech Tape and Skalman form a user friendly system with rugged and reliable hardware. The system is designed for quick learning and easy use, also for complete beginners. Dimensions measured by the harvester head are transferred to the DP II. Control measurements are performed with the caliper and the  Digitech Tape for automatic registering of log lengths in the DP II. The measurements obtained with the DP II are compared with the values registered by the harvester computer. Deviations in the compared values indicate a need for calibration of the harvester head. Skalman® offers a calibration suggestion. 

The Skalman system is the only complete harvester calibration system that fully complies with the new StanForD standard. It has been developed in cooperation with leading industry representatives, harvester operators, machine manufacturers and scientists. Skalman has been refined and developed to a system where every detail has been optimized to fulfill the purpose.

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